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"Klimb was a life changing experience for me mostly in terms of collaborative efforts. This whole set-up where we are staying as a community and doing things together and being there for each other regarding workouts and whether your are doing certain different tasks, you do it together. Having set-up which is more like a house or a home where were all hosted , that also changed..."

"Its been quite eye opening. I feel like I've done yoga before, I've done some pilates before but just I think the form, the technique, the flows were just really eye opening in terms of stuff I haven't been doing right and I can do better. And even stuff that I am doing right but can improve on. I am an introvert so I don't really open up to people that easily but I've form a good one on one connection..."

"It makes me feel complete, and my answer would be my mind, my body and my soul the reason being I feel like often times my mind is there but I am not fueling my soul and my brain, heart, so I am only fitting in like 33% to my meetings and works, I am showing up, I am going through the motions but this year my focus were mental health get better, be happy, and bringing myself 100% at everywhere I go..."

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