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Welcome to KshaLa

KshaLa is a Community & Experience based passion project created by Urmi Kothari.


KshaLa curates and creates safe spaces. What do we mean by a SAFE SPACE? A circle of trust, non-judgement and MOVEMENT. Where we get unstuck. We come undone from our own inhibitions…We open our hearts to speak freely, workout freely and express our true nature, in the lap of Nature. 


A SAFE SPACE is where there is a possibility. We create possibilities of Self Exploration, Heart-to Heart Connection, Brain-Body-Heart Coherence. How you may ask? ​

  • Expect a surprising mix of workouts, actionable take-aways, meditations, sharing circles.

  • “Group Activities” and lots of surprises unique to each venue.

  • Each Venue is different.

  • Each Program is Unique.

KshaLa retreats are not your regular retreats. We create unusual programs that spark self awareness and uncomfortable questions. We don't believe growth can be bought off a shelf or in 4 days . But we do believe in the Power Of connections, unconventional experiences and challenging the norm. 

We Invite You to Experience 

Rooted in experimental education. Set in the lap of Nature. Our arms are open.


Our Vision

A community - based school which conducts offline programs and online workshops to redefine travel experiences by including movement, meditations, mindset modules. We open our arms to seasoned or novice solo travellers, couples, fitness freaks or enthusiasts, coaches who are open to learning life skills while having fun, connecting with others . Every KshaLa program is an invitation to open your heart, align your mindset to what's truly important for YOU.

KshaLa is a trusting space where you can FEEL safe ... BE your authentic self and share your stories.

To be associated with KshaLa is to be on the path of openness to unlearn as well as learn: skills/ movements/ concepts & get inspired ( not influenced !) for a creative, balanced and intentional way of living.

Our Clients Say

I think the workouts are amazing, the way you've planned them even you're dealing with group here, where some people are better at it than others, some people take to it far more quickly. Its just amazing the way it somehow cater to everyone. So the workouts are brilliant in that sense...

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